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Probate Legal Services in Houston, Texas

Upon a loved one’s passing, family members are not only left to cope with the grief, but must also administer the loved one’s assets, property and general wealth in accordance to his or her final wishes — something that can be aided by Young, Graves & Burt, experienced Houston probate attorneys.

Often, this process goes off without a hitch. However, it is not uncommon for beneficiaries and other parties involved to disagree, which can lead to litigation. That’s where the probate legal services offered by Young, Graves & Burt can be beneficial.

In addition, whenever property, money and wealth are involved, there will be instances where individuals administering estates and trusts do not fulfill their fiduciary duties. This happens often when it comes to dividing up a deceased individual’s estate.  Our Houston fiduciary litigation team is here to ensure the honesty and integrity of the process. Young, Graves & Burt can help you through the entire process of administering an estate or trust, including any litigation necessary to ensure the protection of the estate or trusts’s assets.

Retaining Young, Graves & Burt, experienced Houston probate attorneys, not only provides you with the peace of mind that your loved one’s final wishes will be honored, but it also helps to take this cumbersome work off of your plate so you don’t have to worry during your time of grief. Young, Graves & Burt looks forward to managing this process with you. Working with our staff means having legal professionals in your corner that will prove to be:

  • Experienced: With decades of combined experience on our team, we’re able to take on many different hurdles and challenges that we encounter over the course of your case.
  • Accessible: We know you’re going to have questions and concerns — the probate process can be confusing. The professionals at Young, Graves & Burt providing probate legal services in Houston, Texas are available when you need to talk.
  • Compassionate: We know this is a tough time in your life — we pride ourselves on providing empathy through service that can ease the burden on you and your family.


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